Insurance mediation

As an insurance broker we are specialised in advising, offering, and managing insurance policies. We perform our due diligence up untill the moment of signing of the insurance policies and we assist management and execution of these, including notification of claim.
Based on the information you disclose to us, we find an optimal solution for you. Therefore it is essential that you inform us beforehand in an accurate manner about all known circumstances and desires which have to be reasonably considered as facts that will influence the offer we propose to you. We always give our advise based on unbiased analysis. In other words, our analysis is based on a sufficient number of available insurance solutions that insurance companies offer, which bring an answer to your desires and needs. By signing the insurance policy you acknowledge that our advise meets your desires and needs and that you have been informed on the scope and limitations of the insurance product you have chosen.

“Non-life” activities

1. Accidents
1.a. Accidents other than accidents at work: flat-rate benefits; indemnifications; combinations of these; persons carried.
1.b. Accidents at work
Illness: flat-rate benefits; indemnifications; combinations of these; dependance insurance.
 Land vehicles other than railway rolling stock: all damage inflicted on motorized vehicles and non-motorized vehicles
Airframe rolling railway stock: all damages inflicted.
Aviation airframe: all damages inflicted.
Airframe sea-going ships and inland waterway vessels: all damages inflicted to inland waterway vessels; on lakes; and sea-going ships.
Transported goods including merchandise, luggage, and all other goods: all damages inflicted to transported goods or luggage, regardless the nature of the means of transportation.
Fire and natural catastrophes: all damages inflicted to goods (other than goods which fall under branches  sub 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7), when these are caused by fire; explosion; storm; natural catastrophes, excluded hail and frost; nuclear energy and subsidence.
Otrer damages inflicted to goods: all damages inflicted to goods (other than goods which fall under brnches sub 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, when these are caused by hail or frost, and by all other events which are not yet included in sub 8, such as theft.
B.A. motorized vehicles: Every liability which is caused by use of motorized vehicles.
10a: compulsory civil liability for motorized vehicles
10b: insurance carrier’s liabilty
B.A. aviation: Every liability that is caused by use of aviaton (including the carrier’s liabilty).
B.A. sea-going ships and inland waterway vessels: Every liability which is caused by the use of sea-going ships and inland waterway vessels (including the carrier’s liability).
 General B.A.: all other forms of libility not yet mentioned under numbers 10, 11, and 12.
 Credit: general insolvency; export credit; sales on instalment credit terms; mortgage credit; agricultural credit.
Bail: direct bail; indirect bail
Divers financial losses: risk of insufficiency of work; insufficiency of income (general); unfavorable weather; loss of profit; ongoing high general costs; unforeseen company expenses; loss of selling value; loss of rent or income; other indirect company losses than the aforementioned; financial losses which are not related to a company; other financial losses.
Legal aid.
Assistance: assistance to persons in difficulty who are traveling or are outside of their (permanent) resdidence; assistence under other circumstances.

“Life” activities

21. Life insurances, not connected to investment funds, except dowry and birth insurances.
22. Dowry and birth insurances, not connected to investment funds.
23. Life-, dowry and birt insurances connected to investment funds.
24. The “permanent health insurance” which exists in Ireland and the United Kingdom (a long-term health insurance that cannot be cancelled).
25. Tontine operations.
26. Capital redemption operations.
27. Administration of collective retirement funds.
28. The operations as intended in codex IV, title 4, chapter I of the French “Code des assurances”.
29. The in the legislation on social security described and intended operations regarding the lifetime of man, as far as these are in agreement with the legislation of an EU Member State, and are performed and managed by insurance companies at own risk.

More information about our services and in general and the various kinds of policies for which we mediate can be found in “what we offer”. That information only has informative value and is not a summary of all coverage conditions that apply. As an insurance broker we work with various insurance companies. Every insurance company has their own general and special conditions however. In order to decide which insurance coverages fit your needs best, a full investigation is required. If reauired we will negotiate custom policy condtions with the insurance company.

Code of Conduct

We respect the code of conduct, regardless whether it is stipulated by law or comes from the deontology for the mediators.
This also means that we, as a member of the FVF, follow the rules and principles for both our conflicts of interests policy and our renumeration policy which have been adopted by the professional federation on a sectoral level.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy according to the legislation that applies.

You are not compelled to answer the questions we ask you, but not asnwering these questions may mean that, under some circumstances, it becomes impossible for us to enter a (pre)contractual relationship, to continue such a relationship, or to perform an operation in your favor which has been requested by you or a third party.

Use of our website

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By disclosing your personal data to us, you permit Life Investment to process these as stipulated in our Privacy Policy. Since the Internet does not offer fully guaranteed security, we can only guarantee the respect of your privacy when the personal data are communicated to us by means of communication of which you have explicitely determined that these are secured.

The texts on this website have been carefully composed, yet they remain generalizations. They may not be considered as advise or an overview of acquired coverages. The latter can only be concluded from the signed insurancy policy. We reserve the right to alter or delete the content of the website.

No single link to websites of third parties is under our supervision. We have no say in their content or other charecteristics of those. We provide these links only for user friendliness and the fact that we take these links into our websites does not imply that we approve the information on these websites.

Life Investment refuses any liability for inaccuracies or lacks of information provided by our website. It is your exclusive responsibility ife you take decisions based on this information. You can always contact us for custom advise.


“For our services of insurance mediation we receive, in principle, a renumeration from the insurance company, which is part of the premium that you, the client, pay.

Aside from that these is a possible renumeration which is tied to the insurance portfolio of our insurance office of the insurance company concerned or for additional tasks performed by our office. For more information, contact our office or consult the client portal of our website. In other cases we receive a renumeration for our service of insurance mediation from you, the client.

Notification of the out-of-court complaint procedure:

“You can always contact our office for all questions or complaints you may have. Complaints can also be filed at the Insurance Ombudsman at 1000 Brussel, de Meeûssquare 35, tel. 02/547.58.71 – fax. 02/547.59.75 –